November Supercamp 2016 - Now Open For Registration

If you're a parent who wants your child to perform better in school and life AND finally start living up to their potential, you've come to the right place. For the last 9 years, we've helped kids from all over Asia find self-motivation to excel, develop rock-solid character and pick up powerful study skills. The end result? A well-rounded child, confident and driven, ready to take on the challenges of school and life. This June, your child will get an opportunity to join our 7-day life-changing Supercamp program, from 27th Nov to 3rd Dec. Register Now!

The Camp That Started It All

Supercamp was founded by Bobbi DePorter in 1982 - combining cutting-edge learning technology from famed educator Georgi Lazanov and life-lessons from the world's greatest achievers, Bobbi developed an innovative and engaging 7-day life and academic skills program.

Supercamp brings together powerful academic techniques like speed reading, study skills, writing, math, creativity and critical thinking with important life skills in the areas of communication, leadership, relationships, self-worth, personal responsibility, goal-setting and more.

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International Recognition

CNN - “Supercamp gives students the feeling they are finally the ones powering their own education!”

CNBC - "These students at Supercamp are going to CHANGE the WORLD!”

USA Today "Schools take a cue from SuperCamp"

The Wall Street Journal (After a 2 year study) - "These students at Supercamp are going to CHANGE the WORLD! SuperCamp turns so-so students into academic achievers” and “makes a big difference.”

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Parents Can't Be Happier

“One of the greatest joy and satisfaction we have is also that the kids really have fun at the camp among their peers, away from school, away from the protective arms of their parents and away from the comfort of their home.

Just like a car that requires regular maintenance and once a while engine overhaul to run the distance, our kids need that break too amidst the stressful demands of our education system!”

~ Mr & Mrs Michael Wong,
parents of Samuel and Faith Wong

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If you would prefer to speak to us, please call Poh Lam on +65 98344487